One morning I got an email that there was a canceled purchase on my Amazon account and I hadn’t been on Amazon in the past few days so I immediately knew something was wrong. I logged in to Amazon and checked orders someone had tried to purchase a MacBook air, I didn’t even know you could purchase Macs on Amazon.

At that time I was like most people using one or two passwords for everything. Once I changed my Amazon password I started changing every other password, my email, my banking, everything that had the “secure” password. I think I was just adding another symbol to the end or the current password but I can’t remember.

I left everything with the new password for a few days then I saw an article about a password manager and started looking into them. I had already been using a password manager for work but it didn’t have auto web login. I started searching for a new password manager that was cross platform, had web logins, and fancy feature called dark web monitoring. I found a few different ones but went with my current manager based on a few features I thought were cool that I never use now.

Now that all my accounts use a random password and stored in my password manager I never have to worry about forgetting a password or having to do a mass password change. I recommend everyone use a password manager and use randomly generated passwords to secure your accounts.

There are a few features I urge you to look for in a password manager:

  • Cross platform: You want to have access to your passwords no matter what device you are on.
  • Auto web login/browser extension: Without this you would have to copy and paste your passwords when logging in.
  • More than passwords: Once you start using a password manger you will want to put more things in it than passwords, like id numbers or card info.
  • Dark web monitoring: This will alert you if one of your passwords in found in a breach so that you can change it.

If you want to know which password manager I use fill out the contact form on the home page and I will let you know.

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